Friday, 6 May 2011

Naughty but Fun!

So much for gloating about making my latest quilt top from my stash, I just had a quick look online to see if there was anything available for backing and guess what? There was a load of the range on sale at $5.99 a yard. How can you say no to that??? And the double bonus? The customs men didn't stop either parcel, so less than a week after I ordered it, here it is in my sweaty paws. Can't wait to get onto the next stage. And yes, I do realise there is a lot more fabric here than I need for a backing - just as well I've sold some stuff on ebay recently :o).

Great service from this company, would highly recommend.


  1. If anyone is entitled to some fun retail therapy it's YOU! What a great haul and v. glad you didn't add another £8 to the Post Office's accounts. Don't know about you, I can cope with paying the VAT and import duty, it's the rip-off £8 admin fee that really ticks me off.

  2. Yes same here the handling fee is the bummer, but doesn't it sadly feel great when one slips past them!! Pretty fabrics Ali.

  3. It's not the payment that bugs me the most, but the time they sit on your parcel. For that kind of admin fee I feel they should process it in double quick time. But it does feel good when they get through scott free! Just hope the customs men don't read quilting blogs :o).