Thursday, 19 May 2011

Glace - Layout Final

I have taken Hazel's advice and moved a couple of blocks around and also cut the red setting triangles - what a difference they make! I think I'm happy with this layout, the next decision is borders.


  1. That's a difficult choice, Ali - all of those combos look pretty good to me. If pressed, I think that my vote would go for the second pic. Or maybe the first.

  2. I'll say the same to you as I said to Hazel: whichever one you are drawn to is the correct one .... but I like your first choice.

    It is a very "busy" quilt and the plain outer red seems to calm it all down a little, gives the eye somewhere to rest.

  3. PS: "I have taken Hazel's advice..."

    Thank you! That's made me feel warm all evening - so good to be able to give a little back after all these months of learning from the Gang of Four!

  4. Definitely first or second for me, but I think Bilbo's right really - whatever works for you is the right one.