Saturday, 14 May 2011

May Christmas Quiltalong - A Start

I've cut some squares, untied the jelly roll and even found some toning greens in my stash. I've also set up the machine in the conservatory, dropped OH in a village a few miles away so he can walk home (this was voluntary on his part LOL!) and stopped in at the local garage to buy some cadburys mini eggs. I'm all set ...


  1. What a great start - I'm still faffing about here!

    Like that idea of dropping OH off and letting him find his own way home!! He does have a lovely day for the journey, though.

  2. Sounds like you're all organised. Only thing is, shouldn't you be eating chocolate santas or something, not mini easter-eggs?

  3. I think OH is being remarkably sensible .....

    Love your fabrics. Perhaps one month QuiltSue could post pictures and we have to guess whose projects they are. I am only making this suggestion because I reckon I can nearly always guess which colour choices are yours {smile}

  4. If you do that, you'll always guess me too - I'll be the one using safe plain fabrics!