Monday, 22 June 2009

Update on Nic's Quilt

This quilt is a slow and ongoing project, the top went together really quickly about 5 years ago, but then I hit problems quilting it on the machine, so now I'm doing it by hand, hence the delays! I've been outlining the flying geese, and am now working on some quilted geese echoing the pattern in the next border. I probably need to do at least two rows of stitching to see the detail, but I'll consult my quilting chums before making any decisions. It's a huge quilt, so it's going to take a bit longer to finish ... sorry Nic!

Here are a couple of earlier shots of the full quilt, taken last December


  1. This is a stunning quilt. Which quilt shows will you be entering it in next year?

  2. Though not my colors, I certainly appreciate the work you put into this quilt. Well done my dear.