Saturday, 20 June 2009

Marshmallow Rose II

I finished the binding on Marshmallow Rose II last night, and I'm as pleased with this one as I was the last one. I bound this one in the plaid cut on the bias, rather than the pink I used for the border, I think it frames the quilt very prettily. The fabrics are all designed by Lakehouse Dry Goods and bought from Antique Angel, a UK retailer that I've raved about in the past on my main blog. Sadly I didn't quite have enough of the backing fabric to match the design down the join, I was about 6" short, bummer! Couldn't quite justify buying another couple of metres just for that :(. Another store that stocks a lot of this style of fabric is Shabby Fabrics in the US, I've had great service from them too.


  1. It's beautiful, and looks great on the decking, with the plants round it.

  2. So pretty, what I think of as your "house colours" (and I don't mean your home is pink & green, giggle)

  3. This is such a pretty quilt. A fine job you did!! Love the steps!!