Friday, 14 May 2010

Quilts UK Malvern 2010

I had a few hours at the quilt show at Malvern today, while OH stomped up and down the hills. He had a wonderful (if tiring!) day and so did I. Here's a picture of the loot, the pinks are flannel, they are just so gorgeous and cuddly that I'm going to have to make something very soon :o). How did that sock wool sneak in I wonder?


  1. I just love flannels, they are soo touchable. Do I see more socks in your future too?

  2. Lovely to see you at Malvern, what did you think of the show? I enjoyed it - specially the Barbados quilts.......

    You bought some nice things - are you going to have more new socks ready for next winter?

    It was lovely to meet Sue from Asding too.