Monday, 1 February 2010

I Succumbed

Since everyone else is knitting socks, I decided I would have to have a go too :o). Fortunately, unlike quilting, you can get going pretty cheaply, I bought a couple of balls of wool and some needles and got a free pattern, so I was all set to go. I've knitted one sock, OH is very chuffed with it, but says that his other foot is cold LOL! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the first one was finished, and amazed at the kitchener garter stitch used to finish the toe. Quite magic! Sock No 2 is about 2" long, I've committed to finishing it by the weekend, so I'd better hope there's some good telly this week. I'll post a better picture once the pair is complete. The wool is actually shades of blue, not grey.


  1. Good grief, I knew you were tempted with The Dark Side when those scrappy quilts started looking attractive to you but this is plain nuts!

  2. Well if you don't finish the other one soon perhaps OH could wear this one on one foot for an hour, than change it to the other foot, etc. That way neither foot will get too cold (or they'll both freeze). Hope this helps?