Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Linus Sudoku Quilt

This is the second of the Sudoku quilts that I've made, the squares were cut by our club chairman to make sudoku puzzles for our social evening in July (see this blog entry for the first one). There were six different puzzles, all in different colourways, and the cutting alone was a major project. The fabrics all came out of the Linus box, so wouldn't have been anyone's first choice, but it's an interesting study in how fabrics from a colour group can work together. I've pieced this one from scratch; the previous one had the nine-patches already assembled by other group members. I've taken the opportunity to play with what has become known in our group as "short-arm long-arming". You find yourself a suitable continuous line quilting design, trace it onto Golden Threads quilting paper (or baking parchment - Morrison's is apparently very good!), and then sew the design in rows as you would if you were using a pantograph on a longarm machine. I have to confess to being reasonably pleased with my effort, not too bad for a first attempt. The sewing itself goes quickly, removing the paper isn't quite as quick, but the end result is very effective. Amazingly, the impetus for us all to have a go at this has come from one of our newest members, a lady who has been quilting for less than a year, but who is completely fearless and so enthusiastic that everyone's dying to try their hand at it.

Of course, Fatcat never likes to be left out ...


  1. Oh well done that talented woman! the quilt top looks great and your quilting is lovely.

    As you are a Clever Person, how can I make a Suduko quilt bigger than the usual small lap sized . . . and don't say use 12" squares of each fabric {grin}. It's a nice premise to work to but I'd like to come up with a way of expanding it to enlarge the finished quilt

  2. Ali that looks great. What a clever way to do longarm quilting.

    Bilbo, how about putting pieced sashing (say flying geese or something similar) between the blocks and use a few extra borders?

  3. That looks such a good idea - did you pin the design to the quilt ? I think I would be afraid of it falling off or twisting while I was sewing it. I love the leaves design too.

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  5. It's a wonderful work. You should also take a break and visit for the real thing :)