Friday, 2 October 2009

Quick Shopping Bag

It's my Gran's birthday this coming week, she'll be 93, she still lives alone and is an inspiration to us all. Her birthday pressie is all sorted, I've just renewed her subscription to the Radio Times, but it seems a fairly impersonal present. In a fit of creative inspiration this morning I found a picture of a shopping bag on t'internet, unfortunately there was no pattern, so I drew one up myself. I think my version has ended up a bit shorter than the original and the handles could also do with being a bit longer, but I'm pretty pleased with it. If I made it again it wouldn't take long at all, it's just two layers of fabric, no wadding or other stiffening, so it folds up neatly. The original design was just one layer of fabric finished off with an overlocker and with a pouch that it folded down into, but I wanted mine to look a little nicer and be reversible. Pink and green, of course :o).


  1. Very clever. I love the colour of the pink too.

  2. Hope Gran was pleased with it and had a lovely birthday. I want to be as active at 93 as she is!

  3. What a fabulous bag! your Gran will love it! what a wonderful age, I hope she has a lovely birthday and really enjoys herself. Well you've done a grand job with no pattern and I like that it's reversible too. hugs Nettie