Saturday, 19 September 2009

Secret Garden

I've not posted to the quilting blog for a while, I've done a little sewing in the meantime, but not made any notable progress on anything. So here's another of my older quilts.

This pretty quilt was made several years ago for a friend from one of my online groups. I pieced the top and another of the members (BilboWaggins) quilted it on her longarm machine, using Hobbs Heirloom Wool wadding (wonderfully soft and cuddly). I don't have any closeups of the quilting, I was very remiss with my photography, maybe someone else has some better pictures? I have another top just like this lurking in my cupboard, I must get it out and quilt it one of these days. The reason I made two identical tops? I loved the fabric and I had so much of it that I didn't have to buy much more to do the second!


  1. Good grief - I know there is NO such thing as co-incidence but I was looking at the photos of this a couple of days ago.

    I will dig out some of the quilting and send to you.


  2. That is so pretty, the colours are very soft and feminine.

  3. Thanks Bilbo, funny how often these little coincidences happen! I'll add a couple of the photos to this post if that's OK? Looking at this picture, I think I'll bind mine with the dark pink, the outer border seems to disappear a bit. Another pink & green quilt, who would have guessed it was one of mine? :o)

  4. I guess I should take a picture of it, but it's on the bed, it's late, I have a nasty cold, and I'll snuggle up under it in a few minutes - as I do all year round. One of these days I'll get my bedroom redecorated to match the quilt! :)