Sunday, 6 November 2011


I've neglected the quilting blog of late, it's not that I haven't been sewing, rather that I haven't achieved very much with said sewing. However, a couple of weeks ago I had a head cold, I didn't feel like doing anything big, but I did fancy making "something". The result of this creative surge is two bags, one a casual shopping bag made from an Amy Butler pattern called the Swing Bag and the other a lunch bag made from a pattern I saw in a recent Australian Homespun magazine. I used Insul-bright for the wadding, so hopefully it will have some thermal properties, I'm sure it's more than adequate to keep my lunch in good nick on my Wednesday sewing days :o). You may recognise the fabric of the Swing Bag from the Happy Quilt, I've got enough leftovers to make a couple more quilts, let alone a small bag and scarf!

I did also recently make a bed topper for my yoga teacher in exchange for a yoga massage, which took much longer than anticipated as I tied it. However, in my haste to finish it and hand it over, I forgot to take a photo :(. I will try to remember to ask her to take a quick snap, I was pleased with the end result.

In addition to this, I've been quilting the Christmas Quilt. I've also been doing a lot of reverse sewing, hence the delay in updates. I did at one point think it was done bar the binding, but there were so many tucks and pleats in the border quilting that I had to take it all out and go back to the all-over pattern, rather than just having that in the middle with something different round the edges. When it's done I will post a picture - my target is to get it finished before Christmas. I seem to have been working on it forever, but looking back at the blog I see it's only since mid-May. Having said that, that's nearly 6 months ago ...


  1. I know first hand how lovely your Swing Bag is. The lunch bag is very impressive - perfect for taking all your snacks to a quilting workshop.

  2. Love the lunch bag, although it looks really complex to make! The applique apple & letters are a lovely touch.

    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Quilt (...I thought 'reverse sewing' was a technical term for a technique I hadn't come across and googled it...).