Friday, 28 January 2011

MORE Amazing Friends!!

When you hang out with quilters, you get quilts! I had another amazing present in the post this morning from my online buddies. It's a beautiful heartstrings quilt in my favourite colours, pieced by Bilbo, quilted by QuiltSue on Bertha and bound and posted by Veg Heaven. It started life in the Lake District, travelled via Leeds to Hull and then on to me. I am so touched by this gorgeous quilt, and this just shows what wonderful people quilters are. And no, we certainly aren't quitters LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you my friends, you can never have too many quilts, and when I'm feeling grotty again, I will make sure I've got all my special quilts on me!


  1. Well, damn me - how lovely!

    Well done, girls, that is a fabulous gift - I love the idea of a group-hug-in-a-quilt!

  2. And damn me too! If I'd known that the world would see what I'd written on the card I'd have done my best joined up writing!

    I can tell they are your colours, it goes with the sofa and cushions.

    Hope you don't feel bad enough to need it but if you do - there it is. Take care chuck.

  3. Actually, even the DH's were involved in this. Management hand delivered it to Colton, Mr Fixit was on duty for the courier when it was going off to Hull, and Veg Heaven's DH was on parcel reception duties when it landed in Hull.

    Glad you like it, but hope you don't need it. Love from all of us.

  4. Hi sweetie, sorry I couldn't write yesterday, so glad you love your quilt.

    Ditto wot them above said!

    In future, be careful if you admire quilt tops at my house, you might end up with them :}

  5. Whoop whoop! All off to Bilbo's to admire quilt tops! (Fnar fnar!)

  6. Flummery: kettle's on m'dear, far too long since you were here ... and funnily enough, I do have something which, every time I look at it, says "Vegetable Heaven??" to me