Sunday, 23 January 2011

I Have The Most Amazing Friends

I had a day out yesterday with two close friends and look what Anne has made me. I am completely blown away by this hugely generous gift. As she was on an overland Africa trip from mid October last year, she didn't hear about my medical adventures until she returned home on 28th December. Between then and yesterday she sourced the fabric, pieced and quilted this amazing quilt, as well as having a conservatory built, going to Morocco for four days, unpacking from one trip and getting ready for two other trips and goodness knows what else in between. In addition to this she made lunch for us yesterday. I am just overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness. Thank you so much Anne, from the bottom of my heart!!

The fabrics are all flannels on the pink ribbon theme, so some of the proceeds from the sale of these fabrics go towards breast cancer research. The wadding is Warm & White, so it's a heavy quilt, but very soft and snuggly and warm too. It was quilted with our favourite - King Tut by Superior Threads.


  1. Friends are the folk who still love you when things are rough ...

    well done Anne!

  2. What a beautiful quilt!

    Exactly when has Anne slept in the past three weeks!?

  3. How lovely! Anne can give you cuddles all the time!!

  4. I think Bilbo said it all really.