Monday, 21 June 2010

Socks Again

I finished off the second pair of socks a while ago, but forgot to post a picture, so here they are, all done and waiting for winter.

I've since made another pair for OH - when asked what colour he wanted, he said "bright", I think that's what he's got! I'm a bit socked out at the moment, my next project is a cardigan. I bought some gorgeous fuchsia pink bamboo/cotton yarn when we were up at Kielder Water a week or so back - it's not safe to take me anywhere :o).


  1. Well, I must say you're not going for subtle are you? They're great though.

  2. He'll definitely be the best dressed lumberjack out in the forest!

    I love the colour of the browny/autumn ones and am very impressed, I can no more knit than fly to the moon.

  3. No, not subtle at all :o). Knitting's not difficult Bilbo, like all these things it just takes a little practice. Socks are particularly easy because you just keep going round and round doing knit, you only need a bit of purl when working the heel.