Sunday, 13 May 2012

Quick Cushion

Last weekend I went on a Philippa Naylor free machine quilting course at the Bramble Patch, what a fun but intense day it was.  I have done one of her courses before, and was extremely pleased with how much my control has improved in the intervening years.  As we were at the Bramble Patch, it would have been rude not to bimble around the shop and buy something :o).  This cushion kit caught my eye straight away and had to come home with me.  As Monday was a bank holiday, it also got made up very quickly.  It was good to practice my free machining straight away.


  1. Very cute, can I guess where it might be headed?

  2. No, it's not actually :o). It's for a friend's daughter who's going in for an op tomorrow.

    1. hope everything goes well for the op. I did wonder if it was going to a young lady in SA? :}