Sunday, 17 April 2011

Another Little Cardigan

I've has this little chap knitted up for a while, but haven't got around to sewing it together. That has now been remedied, I think it could do with a press and it needs a button, but otherwise I'm very happy with it. Like the other baby cardigan, it's knitted in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, it's such a lovely soft yarn and easy to work with.


  1. I love that! (although what a baby is going to keep in pockets I do not know! {*grin})

    It's a lovely soft sage, the colour of my WIP long-line cable jumper - perhaps your finish will motivate me too?

  2. Aargh, you've truly gone over to the Dark Side {snortle}.

    I want to know the same as Hazel - What has he got in hissssss pockets (you think I'm going to miss the opportunity to quote from The Hobbit? giggle)