Friday, 16 July 2010


I can't show you any more than this at the moment, suffice to say that I've been doing a fair amount of sewing recently and I'm having a great time! What better way is there than to spend time in the conservatory being creative? I've made some progress on the Tennessee Waltz quilt and I'm working on a new project which will be revealed soon.


  1. We might not be able to see your sewing but the Sarracenia on the windowsill look fabulous :}

  2. My word, you're obviously a very tidy worker. My conservatory looks like a bomb's hit it when I've been sewing. Sometimes it looks like that when I haven't too. Hmm, better do some tidying up this weekend before some VIP's come a-visiting.

  3. That's because this is just the sewing station Sue, the cutting station is in the dining room, the ironing in the spare bedroom, the layout in the lounge and the storage in the Rayburn room :o). I NEED a sewing room LOL!