Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pretty Pretty - IQD Well Spent

Well, I made it nearly to the end of March before I broke my resolution not to start any new projects this year, but I couldn't resist cutting up the fabrics I dyed last week, and before I knew it there was a neat stack of 5" squares crying out to be made into this cot sized quilt top (with plenty left over for another one!). Isn't it lovely? Well, it will be once it has some borders on and is quilted! One of my cousins is having a baby later this year and I've found a nice continuous line sheep pattern that I'm intending to quilt over it, I think it'll stand out nicely against a simple background. Not sure if it'll be suitable if she has a boy though!

(*IQD - International Quilting Day, which was yesterday, for those not familiar with it :o))


  1. That's delightful and if it turns out not to be correct for the as-yet-unborn one, I am sure FatCat would appreciate a new blankie!

  2. It's very pretty. The colours all remind me of sugared almonds and spring.