Sunday, 1 November 2009

Utility Sewing

Today's project was a liner for the log basket. This is something OH has been asking me to make for some time, hopefully now we won't need to hoover every time we move the basket. It took a couple of goes to get the design right, I started by making the side piece out of one long piece of fabric, but as the bottom is narrower than the top, I ended up with a lop-sided affair. Mark II is still slightly full, but it'll probably shrink when it's washed, hopefully no more than the extra fullness! There are all kinds of refinements I could make to the design, and would if I were making another one, but for now it does the job it was meant for, and that's all that matters! Back to the quilting ...


  1. Very smart! Different design to the one I cobbled together a little while back and all the more interesting for it seeing as we have virtually identical baskets!

    I'm also using a second basket (keeping logs of different sizes seperate) and very lazily have not yet made a liner for it - amazing how effective the bottom of a cardboard box is when cut to size {giggle}.

  2. Very clever. Seeing the logs in it made me wonder if FatCat has ever tried to curl up in it?

  3. I've never seen him in there, Sue, but that doesn't mean he's never got in :o).

    What did yours look like Bilbo? I'm intrigued, I didn't think there was much design opportunity with this sort of thing, but obviously I'm wrong!