Saturday, 22 August 2009

Festival of Quilts 2009

It's Festival time again, it seems to have come round very quickly this year. We had fun hanging the quilts on Monday and Tuesday, I had Weds off, then I did a couple of workshops on Thurs and Friday and today I had a mooch around the show itself. I've bought a few bits and bobs, but I think I've spent more on the carpark than anywhere else - it's actually more expensive per day than the show tickets. I need to car share more next year!

The results of a fusing workshop with Laura Wasilowski - it needs straightening up and quilting, but I'm very pleased with what I got done in an afternoon.

My other purchases, one of which is a present for a friend (who doesn't read my blog :o))


  1. Love your fused picture. Did you work from a pattern or was it all your own work?

    There's some yummy fabrics there, and I have seen the book before and it's good.

  2. No pattern, but it was based on a picture that Laura had already done. The vase is all my own design though :o). We had two pieces of fabric to work with, a bright and a pastel rainbow strip about 12" wide and 44 inches long.

  3. Looovely vase! I think this Chicago School of Fusing technique is fun. :)