Sunday, 26 July 2009

Current (one of!) Project

This is what I was working on yesterday, our group is doing a strippy quilt, mainly to demonstrate different techniques to the beginners in the group. I've got a bit behind with mine, I was working on the appliqué yesterday and today am going to crack on with the final strip. I wonder why I ground to a halt after finishing the pieced strips??? :o) . I need to put some orange centres in the flowers, the appliqué looks a bit nothingy at the moment, but hopefully once I've done that and quilted the background with some more flowers, it'll come together a bit more. The fabric behind the strips will be the sashing and borders.


  1. Looking good so far Sewali......I love the green against that background fabric!

  2. That's lovely, definitely "you" colours even though the tones are different from usual! This doesn't look very big - wall-hanging?

  3. Just a small one, as you say Bilbo, I might do a couple of extra borders, I'll see what it looks like with the multi-coloured one first. And all done from my stash!